April 2, 2013

Seto bagh-उपन्यास सेतो बाघ-upanyaas-by Diamond Shumsher Rana

Popular nepali Novel Seto Bagh ( The white tiger) by Diamand Shumsher Rana read online and enjoy.
The Audio of novel seto bagh listen online and enjoy
Audio presenter : Khagendra Nepali
डाइमंड समशेर  राणाको   चर्चित नेपाली उपन्यास सेतो बाघ
खगेन्द्र नेपाली द्वारा वाचन गरिएको  अडियो किताब सुन्नुहोस 
Pleae wait for few seconds once you press play button.
प्ले बटम थिचेपछि एकछिन पर्खनुस  





Courtesy : Pustakalaya.org

12 प्रतिक्रिया हरु:

I felt,I have completely quenched my thrust but completely thrust to quench more then this novel.I can not comment more because after I finished it I am injured in the deep sense, Perhaps the white tiger attacked me .Now I am in its capture after release from it, I will comment more and more.

I feel really good to hear this but after 30- 35 min it stops to play in all parts why this happening. Is there any technical issue with this. Please

i need pdf file to read...it's sooo boring to listen !! help me out please !

i need pdf file to read this novel so anyone have a link where i can download or find that pdf ....help me out !!

Click on the pilars icon on right to go to archive.org and download.

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