July 8, 2014

विदेश बाट नेपाल रकम पठाउदा ध्यान दिनु पर्ने कुराहरु ,Important information if you are Sending money to Nepal?

नेपाल दुख गरेर कमाएको  रकम  पठाउदा रेमिट कम्पनिहरु , ठग दलालले खाइ दिएको धेरै उदहारण छन् : 
रकम नेपाल  पठाउदै हुनुहुन्छ भने ध्यान दिनुहोस 

- रेमिट कम्पनीले आजको रेट कति दिएका छन्

- आजको राष्ट्र बैंकको रेट कतिछ ? 

- सित्तैमा पठाइदिने भनेर केहि रेमिट कम्पनीले रेट कम गरेर तेताबाट फाइदा खाइरहेका हुन्छन ,
होस् गर्नुहोस सित्तैमा पठाउने हरुदेख पनि 

-रेमिट कम्पनि हरुका दैनिक रेट आफ्ना आफ्नै हुन्छन, जबकि राष्ट्र बैंक र  चलन चल्तीको आजको रेट अर्कै हुन्छ ,  २-४ ओटामा exchange रेट बुझेर मात्र पठाउदा फाइदा होला 

- हुण्डी मार्फत पठाउदा ठुलोरकम छ भने जोखिम हुन्छ, हुण्डी बाट रकम पठाउदा पठाउनेले बैमानी गरिदियो भने उठाउने आधार हुदैन 

- कम सुल्क लिएर बढी भन्दा बढी रेट दिने रेमिट छान्नु नैं चुनौती हुने गर्दछ ध्यान पुर्यौएर रकम पठाउदा पक्कै आफ्नो पशिनाको मोल को सदुपयोग हुन्छ ।
तलको फरममा  कति पठाउदा कति हुन्छ पठाउने र पाउने देशको नाम हालेर चेक गरम

Some remit companies to send money to nepal from abroad are :
Prabhumoney Transfer 
Himal Remit
Western Union Money Transfer,
Money Gram,
Nabil Speed Remit

Commission Rate:

NBL does not charge any commission if the beneficiary has account in KBO. But if the beneficiary's account is in NBL branches, NBL flatly charges Rs. 200 per draft/fax. Similarly, if beneficiary's account is in other commercial banks, NBL charges a minimum of Rs. 150 to 0.20% for Nepalese Rupees and a minimum of Rs. 1,500 to 0.40% for USD. If NBL receives the payment order from Nepalese commercial banks and the beneficiary's account is in KBO, no commission will be charged but if the beneficiary's account is in NBL branches, Rs. 1,000 commission is being charged.

Other commercial banks are also not charging commission for their own account holder beneficiaries but if the beneficiary has account in other banks they charge Rs. 500 per transaction. But IME is charging 1% of the total remittance value as commission. Regarding workers remittance most of them are to be paid under identification and they are charged Rs. 500 by banks and 1% by IME.

Another type of income remittance generates is the exchange income. Banks are buying FCY from the customer at the buying rate and selling at minimum of mid rate. But the exchange risk is there as USD is depreciating against INR.

Modes and Instruments used in Remittance Business
i. Swift (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)
ii. Telex
iii. Demand Drafts
iv. Fax Transfer
v. Tested Email
vi. Online Remittance
vii. Cash Card etc.Having a large network inside the country and correspondence relationship with the banks around the world, we could have tap large portion of remittance business in Nepal. But due to several factors we never thought of making inward remittance as a profitable product in the bank. Whatever Vostro accounts were opened and remittance came in was automatic, without any effort from our side. For your information, Nepal Bank Limited has the agency relationship with the following exchange houses
Habib Qatar International Exchange, Qtr

Eastern Exchange Erstablishment, Qtr

National Exchange Company, Qtr

Alfardan Exchange Company, Qtr

Gulf Exchange Company, Qtr

Arabian Exchange Company, Qtr

Alrajhi Banking & Investment, KSA

Alrajhi Trading Est., KSA

UAE Exchange Centre, UAE

Alfardan Exchange, UAE

Habib Exchange Company, UAE

Al Ansari Exchange Est., UAE

Lari Exchange Establishment, UAE

Redha Al Ansari Exchange Est., UAE

Hamdan Exchange, Oman

Dalil Exchange, Baharain



Nepal Bank Limited is presently receiving around USD 1.45 million per month as remittance from Gulf countries and Malaysia. In 2004, this amount was almost USD 2 million. Alrajhi Banking and Investment, IME, Alfardan Exchange Company, UAE Exchange Company and Eastern Exchange Company are the main agents of NBL. Habib Qatar International, Alrajhi Trading Est., Habib Exchange Company, Al Ansari Exchange Est., Lari Exchange Est., Dalil Exchange and Asian Tours and Travels (ATT) have not made any transaction in year 2005. Similarly, National Exchange Company, Redha Al Ansari and Handan Exchange made very nominal transaction in 2005. The main reason behind this is that their paper remittance is replaced by computer-based programme of HBL, NABIL, Western Union etc. in which we are lagging behind.
Normally, NBL is receiving two kinds of remittance; one is beneficiary relating to NBL and second is beneficiary relating to Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB) and other commercial Banks.

Beneficiary relating to NBL:
Under beneficiary relating to NBL, we are receiving two kinds of instrument, Telex Payment Order (TPO) and Draft.
· Under our existing settlement system, when we receive TPO, we credit beneficiary’s account if the beneficiary has maintained his/her account in our Kathmandu Banking Office (KBO). If beneficiary's account is in different NBL branches, KBO draws a draft and sends it by courier and where courier services are not available, sends by post. Thus this system is taking around 2 to 7 days, depending on the distance of the branch, for settlement. In case of the NBL branches with fax facility, KBO sends the payment through fax to the branches and it takes around 2/3 days for settlement.
· When beneficiary receives the draft, presents it to their concerned NBL branches, where they have maintained their account and that branch sends it to KBO for collection. As KBO receive the same, it sends payment to concerned branch by means of courier service where available, or by post. Actually, this system is taking more than one month for settlement. If beneficiary has account in KBO and presents draft for deposit, KBO credits beneficiary account same day debiting draft in to concerned account.

Beneficiary relating to RBB and other commercial Banks
NBL is receiving TPO for beneficiary of RBB and other commercial banks also from finance companies of gulf countries, which have relationship with NBL.
· As NBL receives the TPO, KBO draws NRB cheque and sends it to RBB, Kathmandu Main Branch and then this bank collects amount from NRB and sends payment to concerned RBB branch by their internal means of fund transfer. NBL applies similar process for the beneficiary related to other commercial banks also. Thus, settlement of the remittance related to beneficiaries of RBB and other commercial banks are taking one to two months.
· In case of the draft, all the processes are similar to NBL draft case. The main difference is that the concerned branches of the RBB or other commercial banks send draft for collection. When NBL receives the same it sends payment to concerned main branch of the bank and they settle it by their means.

Thus, the settlement of the remittances relating to beneficiaries of RBB and other commercial banks are taking too long period of time compare to beneficiaries related to NBL, but our beneficiaries are not also satisfied with our settlement system as they are facing problem.

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