September 3, 2013

How to Install Nepali Font in Your Computer?

Click here to Download all new nepali fonts(Fonts included: Bharatvani Wide Font, Devanagari New, Himalb, HindiSanskrit, Kanchan, Kantipur, MtEverest, Rukmini, and Sagarmatha)

1. Download the nepfont.exe or the selected .zip file to a temporary directory.

2. Extract the font files by clicking on the downloaded file.

3. Click on the start icon at the bottom-left corner of your task bar.

4. Then go to settings and select the control panel.

5. In control panel, click on the Fonts folder.

6. Then select Files and then Add new fonts from the drop-down menu.

7. Select the folder where you extracted your font files.

8. Select the font to be installed (or you can select all) and click OK.

9. You are now ready to roll!

If you have problems using the short and long U characters (on keyboard ' and "):

a) In MS Word, you need to turn off "smart quotes".

b) To do this, go to Tools and then to Autocorrect.

c) You will see a window with four tabs. Click on the second tab that says "AutoFormat As You Type".

d) Under "Replace as you type", uncheck the box that says "Straight quotes" with "smart quotes".

e) Press OK and you are ready to roll!!


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