June 10, 2010

Download nepali songs

Some of the popular nepali mp3 music free, nepali songs download websites are click the link below to go the download page:

Fursad.com  : Provides latest and some of the popular oldies to download through its download page.

Cybersansar.com  : It is one of the pupular and probably the first nepali website to allow nepali music, videos to download freely.

Nepalisongs.info : This is one of the good collection of nepali music. 

Kohalpur.com : It provides collectoin of some of the popular nepali modern songs and videos.

Babbal.com : It is one of the popular entertainment site provides songs download access too.
www.nepalimp3s.com : Dont know much about this site but it is one of the popular site in google to download nepali song.

Some of the popular websites to listen nepali songs online. Some of the  top websites for nepali music i found interesting are: 

1. murchunga.com  : This website contains a good collection of nepali music. We can listen songs artist by artist and albumwise in this site.

2. Nepali Gana:  Good place to hang out if you looking for cool nepali songs.

3. Nepali Songs WNSO : This site also contains good collection of songs

4. Radiokantipur.com : To listen songs online radiokantipur also provides latest songs mp3 where you can select your favourite nepali artist and band and enjoy listening.

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